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Sun Protection Films

Large window and glass surfaces are now an essential part of modern architecture. Large glass surfaces also mean a strong heat-up of the interior when the sun burns. BRUXSAFOL sun protection films provide a solution to this problem.

Sun Protection Films? This is why.

As a homeowner you would like to protect the environment and save precious resources?
Simply reduce your energy consumption for your air conditioning unit by using BRUXSAFOL sun protection films.
BRUXSAFOL films keep out the heat and so create a more stable room temperature. This relieves your air conditioning unit, reduces your energy costs and CO2 emission and thus protects the environment and your budget at the same time.
With BRUXSAFOL films you can stay cool even when it gets hot.


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Sun Protection Films

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Functionality of our Sun Protection Films

Our sun protection films effectively act as heat and warmth protection in the summer months and thus regulate the indoor climate.

Sun protection films can save energy costs, as air conditioning systems can be relieved or even completely replaced in summer.

In addition, our products block more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays (measured 300-380nm), providing additional protection for human skin and home furniture.

Our sun protection films can also be used as effective glare protection, whether in the office or in the kitchen.

In addition, our mirrored sun protection films act as a privacy screen, as the interior of your building is harder to see during the day due to the mirroring.

Our films are perfect for upgrades and can be removed or replaced at any time by professionals.

On listed historical buildings, the external appearance must not be changed. The LX-70 film is almost invisible and yet achieves very good thermal insulation values.

Our range of sun protection films includes more than 30 different products. Whether for indoor or outdoor use – we have the right product for you.

Comparison – energy consumption

Here you can see an example calculation of the energy consumption with and without BRUXSAFOL sun protection film using the example of a private residential building with 223 square metres of living space.

Average annual energy consumption for cooling.

The values stated here are based on the Demand Analyzer DOE-2 energy consumer software and may deviate upwards or downwards in practice – depending on the type of film installed, climate, geographical location, building and window construction, air conditioning systems, etc.



2655 kWh

Without BRUXSAFOL sun protection film


1400 kWh

With BRUXSAFOL sun protection film


1255 kWh

Average yearly energy savings