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Decorative Films

For visual enhancement or as privacy protection – BRUXSAFOL decorative and design films offer numerous possibilities for designing glass surfaces.

Decorative Films? That's why.

Decorative and design films are ideal for breaking up large, dull glass surfaces, separating rooms and shielding them from outside view. However, matt films are translucent, so that a bright, friendly room atmosphere is maintained despite the visual protection. The design possibilities are unlimited.


Film-to-Glass Combination Recommendations

Konferenzraum mit Dekorfolie

Functionality of our Decorative Films

Decorative films can serve as stylish, visual glass markings to make transparent glass surfaces visible without blocking the view.

Especially in sensitive areas, such as the bathroom, matting films offer privacy and light transmission.

Some types of films are scattering the light witch reduces the amount of glaring.

Trends and personal taste can change. Unlike satinised glass, BRUXSAFOL decorative and design films can be easily replaced or removed.

You need an individual solution? We print special window films with individual motifs such as images, logos, texts and decorative patterns, in high-quality 4-colour printing and opaque white. Our high-end printing system uses special inks with outstanding adhesion and permanent light resistance.

Our textile films are a special eye-catcher in the decorative film sector. They are semi-transparent and have a tangible fabric structure.

For data security in the office, BRUXSAFOL has a new film in its range. Installt on galss, the SBO film is almost invisible and makes any screen appear black.

CDF 1100 is a design film with a “flip-flop effect”. This effect film varies, depending on the viewing angle and incidence of light, in shades from blue and purple to yellow.

Our decorative and design films can be applied to all flat, smooth glass surfaces and can also be removed again without leaving any residue.

Our Decor and Design Film Range

How much privacy protection do you need?

BRUXSAFOL decorative films offer a wide range of possible applications. For films with a sandblasted look, the focus is usually on the privacy aspect. Depending on the distance to the film and the lighting conditions inside and outside, the transparency of the films can vary greatly. On this page you can get an overview of how our film types Clear Frost, Glazed Frost, Lexan 160 and Silver Jet work under the respective conditions.

Switch between the individual film types, the distance and the lighting situation (day/night) to see the differences in transparency.

Try it yourself!

ClearFrost in der Nacht