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Quality Policy

Quality Policy? That’s why.

Our attitude and quality thinking are the basis of our quality policy. Ever since the company was founded, Bruxsafol Folien GmbH stands for quality in all areas of the company. We pay attention to the fact that quality is a priority in all activities. Each activity is carried out in such a way that a high-quality result is always achieved.


Customer information on the REACH declaration

Certificate ISO0991

Our strength lies in the decades of know-how in the field of foil products and their applications, as well as close and direct customer contact. We see ourselves as a leading supplier of self-adhesive functional films for buildings and vehicles and supply our products to specialist companies and resellers.

The stable quality of our goods and service is one of the foundations of our successful business. For us, quality means to meet the requirements of our customers as best as possible. In this sense, quality is an important criterion for the purchase decision, the order assignment and forms a reliable bond to our customers. The customer and his wishes are always at the center of all activities.
An error-free organization and the most advanced methods of quality management form the necessary framework. Our quality understanding and quality awareness, as well as the right attitude of all employees to the quality are prerequisites for the satisfaction of our customers and thus for the lasting success of our company.
The employees are seen as important support for the quality. These are the link between the claims of the management and the customers. A sensible human resources development and a suitable organization of the work environment should increase the motivation, satisfaction and the performance of our employees.

Through the specification of the activities, the management defines a framework in which errors are to be avoided. Every employee is responsible for optimizing the continuous improvement and the processes with a view to the customer’s use. It is an important concern of the management through a constant improvement of the quality for all customers increase.
We strive to always enter long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers. Only in this way can the necessary quality be worked out and secured together.

“Only the satisfaction of our customers, our commitment”

Hammelburg, 24.04.2017
Managing Directors Michael Brux, Thomas Brux