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Safety Films

Vandalism or quick break-ins – glass breaks immediately under mechanical attack. Our high-quality, extremely resilient security films provide – professionally installed – effective resistance to violent impact.

Safety films? That's why.

Large windows and glass surfaces have become an essential part of modern architecture and offer quality living. But they also make us more vulnerable. Glass cannot resist break-in attempts and vandalism for long. Our extremely durable security films provide a solution to this problem. On the one hand, they can bind dangerous splinters and thus reduce the risk of injury, and on the other hand, they can withstand multiple break-through attempts.


Safety film range with data sheets

Film-to-Glass combination guideline

Mann versucht durch das Fenster einzubrechen.

Functionality of our safety films

Whether break-in, hurricane, vandalism, or explosion pressure wave – our multi-layer safety films made of special tear-resistant polyester (PET) and offer high anti-vandal resistance. The glass will splinter, but not break completely.

The film absorbs the impact energy and is additionally attached firmly to the frame with an edge seal. The splintered glass pane is held as a unit in the frame and cannot be pushed out in one piece.

Film Types clear: 8012, 8014

If, for example, a stray soccer ball hits a pane of glass coated with safety film, it will break, but the pane does not break into separate splinters. With splinter-free films the effect of binding glass splinters when a pane breaks is caused mainly by the extremely strong glue and the material thickness.

Thus an effective protection against injury and property damage due to glass splinters flying around is achieved. Cuts and puncture wounds due to the formation of splinters are prevented. Compliance with accident prevention regulations (glass walls and doors, shop windows, food industry, etc.)

Film Types clear: 4011, 7011, 8011
Film Types reflective: 410, 8111

These films protect glass and other flat surfaces from damage. Even deliberate scratching is caught by the film. Using an adherence reduced acrylic glue it can be again removed without glue residue and can thus be easily replaced after damage.

Use in public transportation (e.g. buses) is due based on an ABG (General Design Certification).

Folientypen: 701, 702, Metal Shield, Mirror Shield, Graffitigard 4PLUS

For all types of applications, there are clear or mirrored security films. Depending on whether you want more privacy or prefer an unobstructed view of the inside.

Our safety films withstand the shock waves of explosions.