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Paint Protection Film

Often referred to as PPF, paint protection films protect your paint from environmental influences such as stone chips, scratches, road debris, and corrosion.  Keep your paint looking as fresh as it did on the first day, every day.

Are You Interested in XPEL Film?

We are the official distributor of XPEL films in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  If you are from another country and interested in XPEL films, please contact the XPEL distributor for your country.

Paint protection films?
That's why.

Your vehicle’s paint is constantly exposed to harsh road conditions; stone chips, bird droppings, acid rain, parking lot dings, and much more.  This exposure permanently damage the paint, thus reducing the value of your vehicle.  Protect your investment with our paint protection films!


Paint Protection Film Assortment with Data Sheets

XPEL Steinschlagschutzfolie STEALTH am Auto

Advantages of our paint protection films

By protecting the original paint from stone chips and other damage, you maintain the value of your vehicle. In addition, there are no additional painting costs for lease returns.

Since our paint protection films are highly transparent, you can hardly see them. So the original look of the vehicle is preserved.


Our transparent polyurethane films are available in matt and gloss. So you can keep the look of the vehicle – or change it. Just the way you like it.

SLIPLO – Bumper Scrape Guard

The SLIPLO bumper scratch protector is made of a special polyurethane material similar to that of snow plows. Attached to the underside of the bumper, SLIPLO prevents expensive damage to the painted surface of the vehicle bumper. SLIPLO is an optimal compliment to paint protection film, especially for lowered cars.