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Glass Tinting Films

Whether you want a functional film, or it’s just the look that counts for you, we can provide you best glass tinting films of all kinds.

Glass Tinting Films? That's why.

You want to protect your passengers on the backseat from harmful UV rays, lower the temperature in the vehicle or protect your interior from fading, you have come to the right place. We offer auto glass films in various designs and gradations, even in light tint levels they achieve a noticeable effect. Let our auto glass specialists advise you if you want to know more about our films.


Glass tinting films assortment with data sheets

Kind sitzt im Kindersitz im Auto mit offenem Fenster

Functionality of our glass tinting films

Our films protect against harmful UV rays. The recommendation of the Skin Cancer Foundation for some of our films, speaks for itself.

Our automotive glass films significantly reduce the temperature in the vehicle.

Automotive glass film reduces glare from the sun, snow and headlights and increases safety while driving.

Our automotive glass film ensures that with a windshield fracture the glass shards are held together. This prevents injury of the occupants from splinter.

Protect yourself from burglary by hindering the view into the automobile interior with our toned automotive glass film.

Heat reduction combined with UV protection keeps the sun from damaging the interior of the vehicle by minimizing fading of the materials.

Automotive glass film gives your car an individual appearance. Select between different colors and tones.