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Heatbox Rotation for Architectural Films

Heatbox Rotation mit Musterscheiben

The HEATBOX Rotation allows you to compare the thermal protection of the AX+20, AX+30 and AX+70 flat glass films. In this way, you can tangibly illustrate the heat difference between the different film series to your customers. The box can be rotated so that there is always a different film in front of the heat lamp.


Heatbox Rotation: approx. 24cm x 33cm x 24cm (width x height x depth).

Spare pane Heatbox Roatation: approx. 20cm x 22cm (width x height)


The Heatbox Roatiation already contains one sample pane without film and three sample panes with AX+20, AX+30 and AX+70 films


Art.-No. €/pc.
Heatbox Architectural Film incl. 4 sample panes MFGFHBR 280€

Accessories and single items

Art.-No. €/pc.
Spare panes for Heatbox Rotation MHBRES 15€
Film coated replacement pane for Heatbox Rotation MFGFHBRESF 30€
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