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EDTM Measuring devices

Our measuring devices support you in the sales pitch of architectural and automotive glass films and can test and identify glazing and its properties. This way you quickly know which glass you have in front of you and with the determined values you can clearly show your customers the added value of the film.

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With the Low-E Card you can distinguish whether there is a Low-E coating on the glass. It is very easy to use on both sides of the glass. The Low-E Card can be used up to 1000 times and is thus sufficient for approx. 500 windows.

The practical credit card size means you can always have the Low-E Card with you!

Short Facts:

  • Identify low-E coatings in seconds
  • Shows different glazing surfaces
  • Very simple operation
  • Credit card size, fits easily in wallet or pocket
  • Ideal for the field service and sales team
  • No metal that could scratch the glass
  • Cost-effective measuring device for reliable results
  • To be used for up to 500 windows

Art.-Nr. T99221


Art.-No. €/pc. from 2 from 5
T99221 47,00 42,30 37,60
Window Energy Profiler am Fenster

EDTM instruction video:

Window Energy Profiler


For measuring UV, IR and visible light transmission for films and windows; a   g-value measurement is also possible for untinted and uncoated windows.

The ideal measuring device for testing glazing on site. Due to the extra wide and deep measuring aperture, almost all single and double glazing can be measured. If you install a film sample on the glass after the initial measuring and carry out another measurement, you can demonstrate directly on site how the solar technical values change with the respective foil.

Short Facts:

  • Measures windows in the frame → large opening → check existing windows
  • Measuring hole approx. 11.5 cm x 13.5 cm
  • Displays 4 real-time measurements: g-value, UV transmittance, visible light transmittance and IR reduction (g-value measurement for non-tinted glazing, not suitable for tints).
  • Automatic calibration
  • Pressing the hold button to display current values
  • Battery operated + battery condition indication
  • Incl. carrying bag and handle on the device

Art.-Nr. T99280


Art.-No. €/pc.
T99280 770,00
Solar Spectrum Meter (3 Standards)

EDTM instruction video:

Solar Spectrum Meter (3 Standards)


The premium measuring device. In addition to the standard measurements of UV, IR and visible light transmittance, the total solar transmittance and the TdW value (fade protection) can be measured. The instrument can be calibrated according to three different standards, measuring to ISO 9050, EN 410 or NFRC 300 standard.

Probably the best measuring device for examining and demonstrating the performance of films in great detail.

Short Facts:

  • Measures:
    • UV transmittance
    • Visible light transmittance
    • Infrared (900-1000nm)
    • Infrared (780 – 1700nm+)
    • Total solar transmittance
    • TDW (relevant value for fading)
  • Calculation according to three different standards possible:
    • EN 410
    • ISO9050
    • NRFC300
  • No additional light source required
  • Automatic calibration at power up
  • Battery operated + battery condition indication
  • Measurable up to 51mm thickness

Art.-Nr. T99600


Art.-No. €/pc.
T99600 890,00
Glass-Chek Elite
Display Glass-Chek Elite
Low-E Card Display

EDTM instruction video:

Glass-Check Elite


Analyzes the glazing structure of single, double, triple, quadruple and laminated glass. In seconds, you can see the structure of glazing with pane thickness, air space, whether low-e coatings are present, and even their position. The new graphical display shows the window to scale and assigns numbers to each glass in the window. This is a great visual aid to identify glass construction and Low-E coatings.

Tip: Together with the Solar spectrum window measuring device (art. no. 99280), you can use this device to measure almost all relevant technical data of glazing.

Short Facts:

  • Suitable for almost any glass:
    • Single, double, triple, quadruple glazing
    • Laminated glass
    • Insulating glass
    • Tinted glass (single, double, triple, laminated)
    • Reflective/ mirrored glass
  • Determines results from only one window side
  • Measures low-E coatings and metallization
  • Graphically represents the window structure
  • Multiple display formats:
    • ACTUAL value
    • Rounded ASTM Standard Value (in inches)
    • thousandth of an inch
    • Decimal meter
  • Formatting in many different languages possible
  • Battery operated

Art.-Nr. T99261


Art.-No. €/pc.
T99261 1.580,00

EDTM instruction video:

Solar & Power Meter


The Solar & Power Meter has three units of measure built-in: BTU/hr*ft^2, Watts/M², and Solar Transmission percentage. Switching between modes is easily accomplished by using the buttons on the new embossed-style power switch that provides a smooth front surface and a sleeker appearance.

The membrane-style power switch style is accompanied by an auto-power-off circuit that will turn the meter off after a period of inactivity. This will help extend the life of the batteries in this portable device.

Short Facts:

  • Take measurements in BTU/hr*ft^2, W/M², and Solar Transmission percentage
  • Embossed style power switch for a smooth surface and sleeker appearance
  • Auto power off the circuit to conserve battery life
  • Perfect for tabletop sales demonstrations
  • Identify high-performance windows
  • Digital, modern-day technology
  • Increase sales by educating your customers



Art.-No. €/pc. from 2 from 5
T99341 240,00 216,00 192,00
UV Transmission Meter

UV Transmission Meter


For measuring the UV transmission of films or glazing.

Short Facts:

  • Device for measuring UV radiation
  • Constantly updates the values in real time
  • Show your customers the UV-filtering capabilities of films
  • Small, easy to handle device
  • Calculated result in %.
  • Battery operated

Art.-Nr. T99360


Art.-Nr. €/pc. from 2 from 5
T99360 240,00 216,00 192,00
Messgerät Solar & UV

Messgerät Solar & UV


For measuring UV and solar transmittance of films and glazing. Short Facts:
  • Measures UV transmittance and solar radiation
  • To demonstrate films and their effectiveness
  • Clearly visible to customers/end users
  • Easy to use, small and compact
  • Constantly updates in real time
  • Battery operated
Art.-Nr. T99365


Art.-No. €/pc. from 2 from 5
T99365 320,00 288,00 256,00
Tint-Chek Window Tint Meter

EDTM instruction video:

TINT-CHEK Window Tint Meter

EDTM TC1800 & TC3800

For measuring visible light transmittance on glass panes. Due to the narrow measuring aperture, this device is only suitable for automotive glazing or single glass. Only works on open pane (e.g. movable door pane in the vehicle) or it must be taken out of the frame for the measurement.

The TINT-CHEK is available in 2 versions: The basic model TC1800 has no decimal place; the model TC2800 is more accurate due to one decimal place in the display.

Short Facts:

  • Measures visible light transmittance of automotive glass
  • Size: Fits in a shirt pocket and fits perfectly for measuring over an automotive glass
  • Battery operated
  • With test pane for calibration

Modell TC1800 – Art.-Nr. T99382

Modell TC2800 – Art.-Nr. T99385


Art.-No. €/pc. from 2 from 5
T99382 140,00 126,00 112,00
T99384 180,00 162,00 144,00
Tint-chel PRO Window Tint Meter

EDTM instruction video:

TINT-CHEK PRO Window Tint Meter (2 Pieces)


For measuring visible light transmittance on vehicles. Since this measurement method involves applying one device from the outside and one from the inside, the measurement is also possible on rigid windows.

Short Facts:

  • Measures visible light transmittance of automotive glass
  • Two-piece unit + two letters for calibration + storage box
  • For testing rear windows and side windows
  • Measures accurately in real time to 0.1%, does not fluctuate!
  • Battery operated
  • Illuminated display

Art.-Nr. T99383


Art.-No. €/pc. from 2 from 5
T99383 270,00 243,00 216,00
Heat Sheet Demo Card

EDTM instruction video:



For demonstration of thermal protection films

Short Facts:

  • Demonstrates energy performance of the film visibly
  • Easy application and handling
  • Can easily be taken to consultations due to the size
  • Film and heat source not included
  • ca. 100 x 150 mm

Art.-Nr. T99500


Art.-No. €/pc. from 2 from 5
T99500 46,00 41,40 36,80
UV Demonstation Card

UV Demonstration Card


For demonstration of UV protective films (film and lamp not included), approx. 125 x 175 mm. Short Facts:
  • approx. 125 x 175 mm
  • Film and lamp not included
Art.-Nr. T99362


Art.-No. €/pc. from 2 from 5
T99362 18,20 16,38 14,56