Wrapping - A new look for your car

ColorChange – Car Wrapping by Bruxsafol

With car wrapping it is possible to change the color of a vehicle anytime without expensive painting. This keeps you flexible and can also give your vehicle a new look completely spontaneous. Of course professionally placed foils can be removed with no residue and the original paint remains intact. In contrast – films additionally protect even from UV radiation, stone impact and small scratches. Partial application of films and inscription, patterns and shapes using film placed using film plots make each vehicle unique.

Films with glossy surface

Almost all color mixers can be achieved with BRUXSAFOL films. The degree of shininess can hardly be distinguished from painted surfaces. No matter whether monochrome or metallic– we fulfill your desires!

Films with matte surface

A special focus of BRUXSAFOL is placed on matte films. Because matte is THE trend in vehicle films right now. Colors with portions of metallic are especially popular. Try it out!

Films with textured surface

Along with the color accents, these films work additionally with surface effects. The BRUXSAFOL carbon films, which make a visual highlight of hoods, roofs or mirrors, are especially established.