Automotive Films in Highest Quality - Sun Protection and individual Look

The versatility of automotive glass films

Our automotive glass films are a versatile and efficient product that already displays its complete mode of action from the moment of installation. Lifelong color stability and recognized certifications of selected premium films, improved driving comfort, well-balanced interior climate, less use of air conditioning and thus energy savings, through the splinter-free effect safety during accidents can be increased. And last, but not least, the visual enhancement of your vehicle is one of the many advantages that you can expect from professional automotive glass film.

Safer driving: Automotive glass film reduces glare from sun, snow and headlights and increases safety while driving.

Protection from glass splinters: Our automotive glass film ensures that with a windshield fracture the glass shards are held together. This prevents injury of the occupants from splinter.

Increased privacy: Protect yourself from burglary by hindering the view into the automobile interior with our toned automotive glass film.

Protection of the Materials: Heat reduction combined with UV protection keeps the sun from damaging the interior of the vehicle by minimizing fading of the materials.

Personalized Look: Automotive glass film gives your car an individual appearance. Select between different colors and tones.