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Creative interior and light design

BRUXSAFOL Design Films – Let the glass speak!

Decorative films are optimal for achieving a shielding effect in large, monochrome glass surfaces, for dividing the space and for visual breaks. With the aid of a decorative pattern a partial privacy is conveyed, however further view is transparent. Decorative film also contributes to the prevention of accidents. The invisible transparency can be broken as a visual warning sign, without actually seriously hindering the view.

Bruxsafol-Folien bedruckt spezielle Fensterfolien mit individuellen Motiven. Bildern, Logos, Texten, Dekormustern. Im hochwertigen 4-Farb-Druck und optional zusätzlich mit deckendem Weiß. Unser Highend-Drucksystem verwendet spezielle Farben mit hervorragender Haftung und dauerhafter Lichtbeständigkeit.

Transparent films, glare protection and individual visual appearance

The areas of application for BRUXSAFOL – decorative films are diverse; they can be applied to all surfaces of glass panes and thus control the transparency of the glass without blocking all the light. In contrast to printed or satin-finish glass the decorative films can be setup on site and then again removed with no residue. Along with the design options, the film offers additional used effects, depending on the type:

Sun protection film: Thermal and UV protection
Safety film: Impact resistance and splinter-free

CDF 134

Decorative Films

… are the best way to visually break up large, monochrome glass areas; they separate the space into new areas and create shielding effects. The pane basically remains transparent; the decorative pattern however conveys a partial privacy since the view is not hindered.

Also the decorative films are used for accident prevention. The invisible transparency can be broken as a visual warning sign, without actually seriously hindering the view.

Frosting Films

…are available in different variations and colors. Privacy for e.g. restrooms and doctor’s practices are created with the typical effect of satin-finish glass. Through computer controlled film cutting the creative shapes have almost no limits. Patterns and company logos look like there are etched on the surface and yet can be removed at any time. White privacy films are used as an optimum glare protection from sun and are therefore frequently used in sports facilities or they guarantee complete discretion in clinics.


Design Films

For the individual design of glass areas BRUXSAFOL prints different films with high quality digital printing methods. Design films offer completely new perspectives. Images, text, decoration – the design options are almost endless. Architectural design, communication with text and images, advertisements, completely individual decorations or privacy screen…

170 Black
CDF 2303
CDF 2304
Individual Design