Introducing the BRUXSAFOL Faceshield, a high-quality solution with a simple application. Our new Faceshield uses high a quality film with an anti-static and anti-fog coating along with a sturdy head frame, both of which can be sterilized repeatedly, making our FaceShield a robust and reusable product. As the market here is very dynamic, we ask you to make an inquiry before we can give you a delivery date.

Short visor
Long visor

The BRUXSAFOL Faceshield is available in two different visor lengths:

Visor length 24 cm, HFS1752401S
Visor length 30 cm, HFS1753001S

Both versions feature an anti-static + anti-fog coating!
The set consists of the head frame, a visor and an elastic band. With our specially designed head frame providing spacing between the visor and your face, wearing glasses is no problem!

The Visiere are also available without a frame. We are also happy to produce suitable faceshields for your own frame variant.

Our “Visor Film 175µm” is also available as rolls in 120 cm x 10 m or 120 cm x 30 m, a suitable option for customers who manufacture faceshields themselves.

Talk to us to discuss prices and current stock!

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Product Advantages:

  • Very high transparency

  • Anti-static (anti-fog) coating

  • Frame made of high quality PP (food safe)

  • Light and stable construction

  • Head frame intended for long-term use (reusable)

  • Frame, visors easy to clean and temperature stable

  • Protective masks and glasses can easily be worn under the visor

  • Made in Germany, ISO 9001 certified

With our specially designed head frame, the visor has sufficient spacing from the face.
So wearing glasses is not a problem.
The Faceshield is held comfortably in place with an adjustable elastic band.

You can see just how easily the BRUXSAFOL Faceshield is assembled in this video: